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Are you tired of the monotony of your free-from diet?
Getting a bit bored with eating  rice crackers and carrot sticks while other people are eating pizza and burgers ?

Have you been wishing you could have something else at birthday parties rather than just the fruit?

Are you cooking for...

  • ​Someone with a food intolerance or allergy?
  • Someone with multiple food intolerances?
  • A fussy eater?
  • A vegetarian or vegan?
  • Multiple dietary needs resulting in many meals each night.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by deciding what to cook each night and
like you're always "stuck" in the kitchen?
Because if you are, you aren't alone.

I've felt that way too...

Hi I'm Lisa... I'm a naturopath and a mum...

My daughter was diagnosed with a dairy and soy allergy when she was 7 months old which meant everything dairy was off the menu (that included sheep's and goat's milk as well as the A2 and lactose-free milk).

We were really lucky because she had an allergy that some children outgrow and she outgrew the
allergy by the time she was 2, but when we challenged her with dairy, she'd get really bad tummy aches and an intolerance remained. Around the same time we realised my son was sensitive to dairy too, though unlike my daughter, he'd come out with eczema, and I'd discovered as a teen that my eczema flared up when I'd eat dairy and so as a family we are mostly dairy free.

Nowadays, I'm the one with soy issues (it irritates my eczema) and we've got a few other odd fruit, veggie and seed sensitivities which result in various symtoms ranging from achy joints (for myself) or wild behaviour (we've noticed with the kids).

Almost 5 years ago we switched to a mostly plant-based diet (as I found that my endometriosis pain was curbed significantly when I avoided meat).

My husband doesn't like the taste of cucumber, egg or seafood .

Oh and at family gatherings we catch up with my niece who has Coeliac disease.

From what I've seen in clinic... our story is pretty common!

I understand what it is like
to stare at the fridge or
chopping board and think,
"hmm... lets get takeaway"
because the thought of
cooking multiple recipes
can be exhausting.

So I've put together an e-course to share my method for finding and cooking meals that everyone in your house can eat, so you can spend more time with the people you care about and less time cooking.

We can show you how to lose that over whelmed feeling and how to transform the foods you can eat  into the foods you miss.

With the information in this e-course we can help you bring back Pizza night, baked potatoes, burgers, chocolate brownie slice and other favourites all without dairy, soy, gluten, egg (and or meat).

You'll also be able to make treats for kids parties, hot summer days and yummy birthday cakes without dairy, soy, gluten or eggs and with real whole food ingredients (no food colouring!)

What is covered in the 4 week e-course? 

Module 1: Where are you now?

Module 2: Alternative Nutrition

Module 3: How to transform foods

Module 4: Creating  alternative recipes and transforming existing recipes

Bonus Modules :

Support, ideas and motivation

    A peek inside the course...

    The course materials include high-quality videos and
    a workbook for each module with beautifully designed worksheets
    and reference charts and tables.


    eCourse + facebook group
    access only

    Price $147  incl GST


    eCourse + facebook group access
    Digital copy of
    The Alternative Kitchen: A beginners guide to cooking without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat (ebook)
    Tasty Alternatives: Delicious sweet & savoury recipes without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat (ebook)

    Price $157  incl GST


    Lisa White is the Creator & Producer of the online cooking show Alternative Chef Kitchen and the Your Alternative Kitchen e-course. She is the author of The Alternative Kitchen: A beginners guide to cooking without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat. 
    She has been featured in the UK based Free-From HEAVEN magazine and  is a regular recipe contributor to IndieLove Magazine. Her recipes and  articles about health, nutrition and lifestyle  have been published in both local and international magazines . In addition to being a qualified practicing naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist Lisa also has a Bachelor of Science Degree (with Honours). She  has clinic in Adelaide South Australia where she lives with her family . 



    Registered Nurse, Natruopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist


    founder of Raw Karma


    Naturopath, Herbalist
    founder of Bodhi Cleanse

    Praise from our participants

    Rebbecca Burnett

    Rebbecca Burnett

    Vegan Food Blogger at My Green Tongue
    Thank you for creating a wonderfully detailed course that walks you through easy steps to planning and creating alternative meals. The support along the way is very encouraging and knowing that the support doesn't end when the course does, is a real comfort. I'd recommend the course to anyone seeking help with dealing food allergies/intolerances or those wanting to embrace more alternative foods in their diet.
    Rebecca is a Food Blogger at My Green Tongue and she also holds Vegan Foodie Tours of the Adelaide Central Markets.


    I am so glad that I stumbled across The Alternative Kitchen e-book on Instagram and had the opportunity to contact Lisa and check out her online program " Your Alternative Kitchen".
    After battling my own gut health issues and desperately searching for as many recipes as I could to help with my food intolerances and dietary choices, The Alternative Kitchen proved to be a great help. I was overwhelmed at having to cut certain foods out of my diet and trying to find replacements but I learned how to break this down through using the modules in the Your Alternative Kitchen e-course. I had never thought about the various roles each food plays eg: colour, texture, taste  and what foods could replace these roles but I am now able to use this method when cooking at home.
    Thanks Lisa for a new insight into alternative cooking - the possibilities are endless and I don't have to go without now that I have learned about creativity in the kitchen!
    Sammy  - Thermomix Consultant in Adelaide SA.
    Patricia Ting

    Patricia Ting

    Since discovering I had dairy intolerance in 2012, I have always avoided dairy products without thinking about alternatives to improve my quality of life. Being a total beginner, this course has given me great insight not only to what milk alternatives there are, but also about other common allergens without neglecting our daily required nutrients.

    Patricia Ting, Medical Student.

    Laura Trotta

    Laura Trotta

    Environmental Engineer and Eco-Living Expert

    As an environmental professional and climate change advocator I understand the importance of eating a primarily plant-based diet, for our own health and that of our world. I’m really excited about the resources that Alternative Chef Kitchen are creating to make it easier for everyday people, even those who do not suffer intolerances or allergies, to embrace more vegetables, pulses and legumes in their diets.

    Laura holds a Bachelor Engineering (Environmental) and Master of Science (Environmental Chemistry). She is both founder and director of Sustainababy, creator of greenHOUSE home energy blitz ecourse and creator of the Home Detox Boot Camp.

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    eCourse + facebook group
    access only

    Price $147  incl GST


    eCourse + facebook group access
    Digital copy of
    The Alternative Kitchen: A beginners guide to cooking without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat (ebook)
    Tasty Alternatives: Delicious sweet & savoury recipes without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat (ebook)

    Price $157  incl GST